Latest features, releases and bug fixes

April 20, 2024

- Improved session and permission management

April 12, 2024

- Updated branding throughout web experiences

April 10, 2024

- Shipped new artist-focused web experience allowing creators to create, edit, monetize and manage their own projects at

April 02, 2024

- New web experience launched at

March 25, 2024

- Improved uploading experience when uploading larger files from the iOS share sheet  

March 15, 2024

- Retired Medium and Wordpress integrations

March 4, 2024

- Improvements to speed of content refresh

February 15, 2024

- Updated media playback including addition of skipping a track, rewinding, and fast forward
- Improved What's New via Knock integration
- Simplified What's New by removing the stacked indicator when a single piece of media is shared
- Freshened up the feed UI for a modern look
- Enhanced user experience: tapping images in What's New now deep links to content and artist features
- Launched new default landing experience, featuring which provides serendipitous discovery of behind-the-scenes content by remixing content from the full catalog of artists and projects on majr

January 24, 2024

- Added "What's New," automatically generating a feed of artist activity based on uploads and shares
- New visual indicators based on most recent updates

December 21, 2023

-  New sharing feature, allowing artists to share images, video, and audio from the iOS share sheet
- New in-app refresh feature

November 30, 2023

- Refreshed App Store merchandising

November 11, 2023

- Bug fixes throughout

November 08, 2023

- Updated Discover experience for fresh finds within the app
- Improved quality of the search results
- Redesigned media playback controls
- More intuitive  swipe navigation, including revamped dial features based on user feedback

November 07, 2023

-  Smoother navigation with several bug fixes
- Added dark mode support
- Added support for pinning your favorite artists
- Easily navigate through multiple stories with the new  Project Selector
- Improved media and play button UI; improved UX for selecting projects

October 13, 2023

- Refreshed App Store merchandising

September 6, 2023

- Integration of Singular SDK for enhanced analytics
- Implemented ATT prompt for improved user privacy controls

July 12, 2023

- Elevated  note-taking experience with added support for markdown formatting

July 10, 2023

- Added support for monetizing artist projects
- Added support for ApplePay
- Added ability to filter content by paid/unpaid

June 30, 2023

- Eliminated audio interruptions for uninterrupted enjoyment
- More consistent branding throughout  
- Refreshed splash screen at app launch  

June 4, 2023

- Enhanced media experience with a bug fix for smoother video playback and the addition of a visual cue for media loading

May 25, 2023

May 11, 2023

- Enjoy an enhanced visual experience with improved cover art display, eliminating black background shading for a clearer view and more fluid swiping gestures
- Improved responsiveness with new haptic events for key gestures  

May 03, 2023

- Introduced dynamic projects for artists, providing the ability to update projects via cloud
- Launched support for push notifications on iOS via Knock integration